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Can a ring stop you snoring? Win a Good Night Anti Snore Ring!

Angel Sleeps -

There can be nothing more annoying for an exhausted new mum than finally getting to sleep only to be woken up by someone else’s snoring (or indeed their own)! This week we reviewed the Good Night Anti Snore Ring and you could win one of your own.
Angel Sleeps - Mr MilkChic is a dream in so many respects (Happy Father’s Day, darling…), his sleep noises can be deafening, so when I was offered the chance to trial the Good Night Anti Snoring Ring, I jumped at the chance. I was a little nervous of mentioning my commitment to the man himself, but it turns out his snoring even wakes him up and he had it out of the packaging before I could even photograph it!

In a recent clinical trial, this ring gave a measurable reduction in volume and amount of snoring in 85% of the people tested so we were keen to see whether it really did anything in the real world.

Good Night Anti Snoring RingWhat is it?

The Anti Snore ring is a rather innocuous silver coloured ring with a little gap in one side.

On the inside of the ring, two small nubs are designed to stimulate acupressure points.

How do you use it?
Good Night Anti Snoring Ring on fingerThe instructions say to wear the ring on your little finger with the gap at the top and the acupressure points at the sides.

Put it on about 30 minutes before you go to bed and the theory says you should have a peaceful night.

Does it work?

Well, yes. Yes it does! It’s not a complete silencer (you may still wish to consider a pillow or judiciously placed elbow for that), but it definitely makes it bearable. There was one night midweek when, having quickly got used to the gentler honeybee like snooze, I was rudely awakened by ear-shattering snorts of a whole other kind. Feeling the pain rather more keenly than usual, I kicked Mr awake to ask what was going on, only to discover he’d forgotten to wear the little silver dream machine. He has of course worn it religiously every night since and you’ll be pleased to hear that the bruises are now fading.

I have a Good Night Anti-Snoring Ring worth £29.99 to give away to one lucky reader.

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Terms & Conditions:

The winner will be chosen at random from all entries received by 1st July 2015. The prize is 1 x Good Night Anti Snoring Ring in the size of the winner’s choice. No cash alternative is available. Winners will be contacted by e-mail. If we do not successfully make contact within 14 days, an alternative winner may be chosen. Please note that all entries will be validated and those which do not meet the entry requirements will be disqualified.

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Reasons to be Cheerful


Just popped onto Mummy from the Heart for a quick read and realised it was Thursday (no, I really don’t wake up knowing what day it is… ), which means it’s time for the Reasons to be Cheerful meme. Haven’t been feeling hugely cheerful recently, but it’s high time I pulled my socks up and realised how lucky I am.

Here are my reasons to be cheerful today:

  • Even though we’re not yet properly unpacked, our new house already feels like home.
  • We appear to have a ladybird infestation – so much more romantic a notion than the woodlice and ants at the old place!
  • I spent a lovely day with my best friend and her gorgeous baby daughter yesterday. There was a while when neither of us thought we would ever be mums, so to see the 2 girls together was a little slice of heaven.
  • Small one is getting better at going to bed… next step staying there 😉
  • Mr and I have babysitters tomorrow night (thanks, Mum & Dad), and are going out for a meal together for the first time since small one was born. SO excited!

Five reasons just like that!

Ooh! And as this is New Bloggers fortnight… I’d like to recommend Up Yours Gina Ford (partly for the name, partly for the content) – I’ve just found it, and it’s making me laugh 🙂

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
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Losing it


It’s been a heavy few days chez MilkChic.

Small one has been night-waking for a while, often with bad dreams. For the most part, it’s not a problem now – when we are consistent with her routine, she goes to bed at a reasonable time. When we aren’t, she runs riot of course, but that’s our own stupid fault…If she wakes and can’t get back to sleep in the brief window while I’m still capable of standing upright then she comes in with us. Which is fine.

The night before last, she woke up at 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep. And she wouldn’t come in with us because she wanted to sleep in her own bed.

As a result, I spent most of the night awake and singing zombiemum lullabies (hushabye small one, please go to sleep, mummy is tired and soon she shall weep…). At some point, I am ashamed to say I lost it and shouted.

She was trying to go to sleep, she just wasn’t managing it. And she couldn’t understand why mummy wanted her to sleep in mummy and daddy’s bed when she was trying to be a big girl and sleep in her own bed.

I apologised and she finally went to sleep for a couple of hours.The trouble with toddlers is that forgiven is rarely forgotten. The next morning she happily told Mr MilkChic, “Mummy was a tired grumpy last night. She said RAR! And she said 1,2,3…..”

I wonder what stories get to nursery…?