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Pick a Pretty Peplum!


1940s fashionSorry for the title… too much time singing nursery rhymes… Peplums are a huge trend this season. I haven’t done much about them as I thought it was going to be one of those looks that last a few weeks and then never make it into anything breastfeeding friendly anyway. I was SO wrong – they’re everywhere! So here’s the lowdown:

What is a peplum? It’s a tailored frill or flounce that starts at the waist and finishes at hip level and can be added to tops, skirts, dresses or jackets, giving an emphasised female hip curve. Imagine a 1940s wartime jacket and you’ll know what I mean.

Who will it suit? While peplums won’t slim you, they are great for hiding the bit of your tummy that bulges, so good for mummy tummies and for creating a clear waistline. Avoid peplums if you’ve got an athletic, straight up and down figure as it doesn’t create curves – you need to have them to start with for this fashion!

What to look for: Look for something tailored and not frilly for a modern, sharp look. Skirts should be knee length or just below for the most flattering look. If you have short legs, you may prefer to wear a peplum top with trousers – peplums can make your legs look shorter and the trousers will balance you out again. Here are some breastfeeding friendly peplum looks.


ASOS Scoop Neck Top with Extreme Peplum
This jersey top will stretch for feeding.
Short Sleeve Plain Peplum Top
The wrap front will work for breastfeeding. Wear with a nursing vest for more coverage. Available in mocha and pink.

These wrap top peplum dresses from Dorothy Perkins are perfect not only for breastfeeding access  but also for the weird weather we’re having.

peplum dress peplum dress
Swallow Print Peplum Dresses
The wrap top on these dresses makes them breastfeeding friendly.

For a quick and easy way to bring a basic vest or top (even a nursing vest!) right up to the minute, try a peplum skirt.

Mango Peplum Skirt, Black Oasis Lace Peplum Skirt

Check out more breastfeeding friendly peplum dresses and peplum tops on the main shop pages.